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Cypress Inn Tokyo /Nakayama Manager

I haven’t had any trouble with the odor since the introduction of Ausley Clear 3.


Customers who have stayed for a long time no longer have to worry about deodorizing various odors such as food, cigarettes, and fragrances.

Compared to the ozone generator that I used before, I was able to realize the immediate effect, and I am honestly surprised at how effective it is.

When I first got the product, I was worried about the effect because the main body was more compact than I expected, but when I actually used it, the effect was quite shocking.


We are very pleased to introduce a good product.

Now, no matter what kind of odor you have, it’s okay if you have Ausley Clear 3. I have a sense of security

Daiichi Hotel Chichibu/Kato

Unfortunately Ozone Cluster 1400 couldn’t be purchased due to budget constraints, but I feel that Ausley Clear 3 has a sufficient effect.

Since our hotel has many single rooms, we can deodorize enough even with Ausley Clear 3.

If you have a reservation for a non-smoking room and you have to guide a non-smoking person to the smoking room, you can use Ousley Clear 3 to remove the odor.

The long-term residents were concerned about the smell and the need to block the room for days to ventilate, and the sales were improved.

What I’m most happy about is the sense of security that I’ve been afraid of since the introduction of Ausley Clear 3 caused the problem of odors.

Nowadays, I think it’s okay to have Ausley Clear 3 no matter what the smell is.

All the staff are happy to introduce the really good ones.

Apex Community Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Kato

The ozone can be deodorized once, but if it cannot be removed at one time, ozone deodorization is performed multiple times.

In the future, if you can’t get rid of the odor with this method, we will replace the cloth.

This time, with the introduction of Ausley Clear 3, we would like to sell the managed property after moving out that “the property you have purchased is deodorized with ozone.”

In addition, I was told that the ozone water made with Aussie Clear 3 can also be used for cleaning by wiping it or putting it in a spray bottle, so I would like to try a new usage.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Ito

I’m very satisfied with the odor that I could not get with other companies’ ozone generators and deodorant sprays because I got it firmly with Ozone Cluster 1400.

For example, smell of perfume, smell of food, smell of camphor/insecticide, smell of medicine or compress.

The ozone generators of other companies are effective to some extent, but I did not feel that they were “very effective” like the Ozone Cluster 1400.


In addition, customers with sick house syndrome, house dust, and allergies to ticks may be told in advance at the time of booking.

Our hotel is committed to cleaning, so there will be no house dust or ticks in your room.

However, with caution, we always deodorize ozone and sterilize it.

At our hotel, the keeper who mainly performs ozone deodorization work is currently a woman.

Compared to the ozone generators we have used so far, the Ozone Cluster 1400 is overwhelmingly light in weight and is well received as “lighter than the previous one”.

When the elevators for employees are busy, the keeper takes the ozone generator and moves to another floor by stairs, but I heard that it is lighter than the ozone generators of other companies and can move easily and smoothly.


In addition, the ozone generators of other companies have weak ozone generating power, so the odor may not be removed unless they are repeatedly operated twice or three times.

However, after using the Ozone Cluster 1400, the keeper has also evaluated the drastic reduction in such double and triple labor.


The Ozone Cluster 1400 is equipped with a timer that can be repeatedly operated by setting the “operating time” and “pause time (interval)” instead of the “OFF timer” I am.

At first, it was hard to understand the timer setting, but now I am using it without problems.

We have found that the interval function can reduce the time required for confirmation and work, so we are using it.


At our hotel, the rooms and banquet halls have different departments in charge, but an Ozone Mart representative told me that “it is also effective for deodorizing banquet halls.”

Next time, I would like to consider using it for deodorizing the banquet hall.

Ogoto Onsen Biwako Ryokusuitei

When the product arrived, I first tried it in the heavy smoker’s office.

Then, the odor of cigarette sprinkles beautifully with just one ozone spray! ..

This is real! I immediately started using it for cleaning in the guest room.

おごと温泉 びわこ緑水亭 様

Our hotel carries out ozone deodorization work according to the following flow.

  • Bed makeup staff cleans the room

  • Spraying ozone for 30 minutes in a room with a particularly strong odor (while cleaning other rooms)

  • Smell can be taken off immediately, so light ventilation immediately

Ogoto Onsen

Our hotel carries out ozone deodorization work according to the following flow.

The linen staff is actually responsible for ozone deodorization, so we attach great importance to the opinions of linen staff when evaluating the ozone generator.

ホテルプラザオーサカ 様

When the introduction of the ozone cluster 1400 to the scene, from the staff of linen engagement “No ozone generator has become so small!?” I went up the voice of surprise and.


In order to check if it was effective even with a small size, I turned on the switch with the staff of the linen staff, and it was immediately understood that it was possible to generate a high concentration of ozone that far exceeds the ozone generator that I used to use.


In fact, as a result of putting it into the deodorizing work in the guest room, the same degree of deodorization as the previous ozone generator can be achieved in half the time (10 minutes → 5 minutes), and the work efficiency has been realized .

ホテルプラザオーサカ 様
Ozone cluster 1400 during deodorization (center)

By the way, if a customer spills food on the floor, we usually increase the deodorization time of 5 minutes by 5 minutes, such as 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and operate it until it can be surely deodorized.


Also, the smell of kimchi, which is the most troublesome smell when deodorizing guest rooms , can be deodorized in a shorter time by using Ozone Cluster 1400 .

This point has been highly evaluated by the linen staff.


In addition, it is not only the guest room that is deodorized by Ozone Cluster 1400.

After the banquet, the odor of cigarettes and food remains in the banquet hall, so ozone deodorization may be performed with Ozone Cluster 1400.

ホテルプラザオーサカ 様

At the moment, we are using Ozone Cluster 1400 together with an old ozone generator made by another company, but we plan to gradually increase the number of ozone cluster 1400 installed at the timing of switching the old ozone generator in the future.

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