Frequently Asked Questions

About the new coronavirus

According to a recent study by Nara Medical University, the new coronavirus can reduce the risk of virus by about 1/10 to 1/100 by exposing it to a concentration of 1 ppm for 60 minutes.


Based on the above, please use our ozone concentration calculation tool and select a model with a theoretical value of 2 ppm or more within 60 minutes.

*The ozone concentration calculated with this tool is a theoretical value, and in most cases the actual ozone concentration will be about half of the theoretical value due to self-decomposition of ozone and reaction with odorous substances and bacteria.

Therefore, if the theoretical value of 2 ppm or more is calculated, the actual ozone concentration will be approximately 1 ppm.

*Our ozone generator is not recommended for continuous operation for more than 60 minutes to prevent troubles such as breakdown.


For the above reasons, select a model with an ozone concentration of 2 ppm or more within 60 minutes.

Although there are methods such as alcohol and hypochlorous acid as measures against the new coronavirus, there are three advantages of ozone.

  • From the viewpoint of space decontamination, there is currently no other proven effective than ozone.
  • Since ozone is a gas, it is possible to decontaminate a large space at once.
  • Ozone naturally returns to oxygen over time, so it can be safely used as long as the concentration is controlled.


For the above reasons, it is used in various places such as accommodation facilities, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, and offices.

Yes, there is.


The other day, a team at Nara Medical University inactivated the new coronavirus with ozone.

The contents of the announcement are as follows.

・Inactivates from 1/1,000 to 1/10,000 with a CT value of 330 (55 minutes exposure at an ozone concentration of 6 ppm)
・Inactivates from 1/10 to 1/100 with a CT value of 60 (60 minutes exposure at an ozone concentration of 1 ppm)

ppm x time (minutes) = CT value.
For example, if 1ppm x 120 minutes, the CT value will be 120.

The focus is on how much anti-virus measures should be taken. For example, CT60 is raised in the evening, so it can be said that the risk of virus is reduced to about 1/10 to 1/100.
In order to take thorough measures, it is necessary to expose to high concentration of ozone for a long time, but if it is done to that extent, it will have harmful effects.
For example, it can corrode iron and rubber and damage leather products and ornamental plants.
If you do not make it high concentration (5ppm or more), you do not need to worry about it.


You can use this tool to calculate the arrival time to a CT value of 60 inside a room.
[CT60 calculation tool]

About Ozone Mart

The main difference between Ozone Mart and other companies is that it sells mainly on the Internet.

Since we can thoroughly reduce wasteful costs, we have succeeded in setting the products of the same category and specifications to less than half the price.

In addition, in the case of online shopping, there may be some people who are worried about after-sales support in the unlikely event of failure, but we have a customer support team and we have a perfect system.

● The warranty is valid only for the purchaser and is not covered by the warranty if it is transferred from another person.

● Even within the warranty period, we will bear the actual cost of repairing failures or damages caused by the customer’s willfulness or carelessness.

● Products sold in Indonesia will be repaired in Japan, but you will be responsible for round-trip shipping and customs fees.

PT. Anshin Bersih Indonesia

Address : Level 17, Sequis Tower, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.71, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190

Phone : 021.5086.0400

How to choose Ozone Mart products

We have calculated the effective space of each model for each purpose and made a table, so please refer to it.


Effective space for each purpose when using each model for 60 minutes

equipmentDeodorizing purposeAntivirus purpose
Ozone crowerUp to about 35㎡Up to about 20㎡
Australian Clear 2Up to about 60㎡Up to about 30㎡
Australian Clear 3Up to about 110㎡Up to about 60㎡
Ozone cluster 1400Up to about 260㎡Up to about 130㎡

*Assuming a ceiling height of 2.5 m
*Ozone concentration when only one piece of equipment is used
*Calculated assuming a theoretical ozone concentration of 1 ppm for deodorization and a theoretical ozone concentration of 2 ppm for anti-virus purposes

The ozone generator has very low power consumption and is an eco-friendly machine.

For example, our high-end model Ozone Cluster 1400 only costs about 1 yen (*) a day for electricity.

*If the daily usage time is 1 hour


Ozone water generator consumes more power than ozone generator.

This is because the ozone generator of Ozone Mart is an electrolysis method, which has a very high generation efficiency.


If you want to calculate the electricity bill when using Ozone Mart products in detail, please use the electricity bill simulator below.


Electricity rate simulator





Calculate electricity bill


I think it depends on the concentration of ozone water.

If 2,000 liters of water needs to reach 1 ppm, theoretically, nearly 10 ozone water generators, Ozone Buster Industry, are required.

At the same time, tap water must be used, so if 2,000 liters are to be circulated, it is necessary to filter with a filter or the like once.

Otherwise, the impurities will adhere to the electrodes of the equipment body and the electrolysis efficiency will decrease.

First of all, we recommend that you try several Ozone Buster Industries according to your budget, and increase the number if you do not have enough.

It means cleaning with ozone when washing with water, but ozone water has a function of decomposing, decomposing and decolorizing organic substances, and is used by cleaning companies to remove dirt.

The product that cleaning companies often use is Ozone Buster PRO .

I think I often use 40-60 liters of water when washing.

With this amount of water, the ozone generation function of Ausleclear 2 and the ozone buster, which is the entry model of the ozone buster series, does not reach the effective ozone concentration.

If you use Ozone Buster PRO, 50 liters of water will reach a high concentration of 1 ppm or more in about 5 minutes.

An ozone concentration of 1ppm is just right for cleaning.

Be careful when using ozone water that has an extremely higher concentration than this, as the color of the clothes may be lost and the effect of the surfactant will also be reduced.

Therefore, at the beginning, it is recommended that ozone water be generated in about 5 minutes, and then be washed while watching the situation.

However, if you want to wash only the white shirt, you do not have to worry about decoloring, so you can wash it with a higher concentration of ozone water.

It can be washed with very strong detergency.

I think that the decay is probably due to airborne bacteria such as mold.

I think that these sterilization systems using ozone keep the concentration of ozone constant to some extent, and make the cells low in bacteria or almost sterile.

Basically, it is only necessary to stabilize the ozone concentration at 0.05 ppm or less, so it may not be difficult depending on the environment of the storage facility, but it can not be said that it is clear unless you check that.


I will introduce an example.


First of all, we have a business operator who runs a large confectionery factory.Ozone care is a storage place of about 6 tatami mats (a place like a refrigerator) as a measure against airborne bacteria such as mold. Is installed.

After running it for a month, I kept it almost sterile.


The next example is a rice shop run by a family.

There are 3 rooms of 8 tsubo, 3 tsubo, and 8 tsubo, and Ozone Cluster 1400 and Ozone Care are installed there.

One ozone care is installed in each room.

When a person goes in and out of a room, some kind of bacteria will enter.

Ozone care keeps releasing ozone for 24 hours because it needs to be removed for 24 hours.

Other than that, when I go to work and go home, I turn on the Ozone Cluster 1400 and go home.

The operation mode is a cycle operation of “release for about 30 minutes and stop for 3 hours”.


I think the above examples of sterilization are close to your request.

If you give us more specific information such as the size of the storage space, normal temperature, and the number of people coming and going, I think we can make a more detailed proposal.

If there are few people coming in and going out and it is not so wide, it may be possible to achieve the purpose with a few of our ozone generators ” Ausley Clear 2 “.

Yes, it is used by many special cleaning companies.

Ozone cluster 1400 is used by special cleaning companies and real estate management companies .

We use Aussley Clear 2 for daily cleaning at the hotel, but if you notice a strong odor, we recommend Ozone Cluster 1400.

If you are a corporation, you can use the rental service , so some people can try using multiple items of interest.

Please consider.

Regarding the deodorizing effect after moving out of the rental property, it has a high effect.

Most of our real estate companies use our product, Ozone Cluster 1400 , to deodorize our products.


As you know the ozone generator, it produces and emits ozone inside the machine.

Ozone is used for deodorization and sterilization because it has a very high oxidative effect and oxidizes and erases the organic substances that are the source of odor.


The more ozone produced, the more expensive the ozone generator.

In order to generate a large amount of ozone, a large discharge tube must be created and safety must be ensured, so the cost will inevitably increase.

The reason why an ozone generator that produces a large amount of ozone is required is that the greater the amount of ozone, the more proportionally the deodorizing and sterilizing effects increase, and the objective can be achieved in a short time.

If the amount of ozone is low, it will take time to deodorize and sterilize.


The Ozone Cluster 1400 will be clear if you compare it with other companies’ products, but it is overwhelmingly cheap, as it produces 1,400 mg/hr of ozone and costs about 250,000 yen.

Ozone mart sells mainly on the internet, it is not cheap or bad, it is manufactured in Japan and has a good track record.

The reason why it is cheap is that it is not reflected in the cost because there is no agency or sales person.

In terms of product quality, we have never lost to the competition in our competition.

To that extent, it is effective.

As for the room cleaning in the car, there is basically no problem with Ausley Clear 2 .

Looking at the order status of ozone generators from automobile-related businesses, Ausley Clear 2 is selected at a ratio of 8:2 or 9:1.

For businesses that have a large number of vehicles and want to deodorize one after another in a short period of time, the more powerful ozone cluster 1400 will be given more attention.


The difference is the amount of ozone produced, so if you don’t mind taking a long time, if you repeat “waiting for the ozone to be released and closed all the time” with Ausley Clear 2, you will eventually get odor. lose.

If there are many cars that need to be deodorized, I think the ozone cluster 1400 will be used to “release ozone for a short period of time and then do it one after another.”


How to use it in the car of Ausley Clear 2


You can find a detailed explanation in the middle of the product page of the above link in the “How to use Ausley Clear 2” section, and “It’s easier to deodorize cars!”.

If I quote the main part from here,


Start the engine, let the ozone reach the car air conditioner, and let the ozone circulate.

With a regular car, if you release ozone for about 15 minutes, the odor will disappear.

(There are differences depending on the size of the car and the strength of the odor, so if the odor is strong, do this work several times.)

It is important to note that after releasing ozone, do not ventilate and secure the time for ozone and odor to react for about 30 minutes.

If you ventilate immediately, deodorization may become insufficient.


It is described as.

Please use in the above flow.

Notation of ozone concentration

Enter the ozone generation amount of the ozone generator to be used and the size of the room,  and press the button to calculate the concentration .

Ozone productionmg/h
Room area2
Ceiling heightm

Calculate concentration

Ozone concentration theoretical value after 1 hour  0 ppm  is

 In most cases, the actual ozone concentration will be about half of the theoretical value due to self-decomposition of ozone, reaction with odorous substances and bacteria.




1時間後のオゾン濃度理論値は 0 ppm です


ppm is ozone concentration, and mg/hr is ozone output.

Generally, both are indicators of ozone generator capacity, but ppm is mainly ozone water generator capacity and mg/hr is an ozone generator capacity indicator.


Most of the bacterial cells can be sterilized if ozone water is at least 1 ppm, preferably 2 ppm, for sterilization.

It is important to decide how much water should be 1ppm or 2ppm, so ppm is an index.

For example, the ozone water generator and ozone generator of Ozone Mart will exceed 2ppm in 20 seconds with 2 liters of ozone buster , but with Ausley Clear 2 , even if ozone water is generated by bubbling, it will be 1ppm. It is a place to go or not to go.

In this way, the concentration of ozone water is a measure of the difference in capacity.


The output of ozone gas is a measure of its ability rather than its concentration.

Concentration does not make much sense.

For example, suppose you generate ozone for 1 hour in a small plastic bag.

Then, the ozone concentration in the plastic bag will be very high.

On the other hand, let’s assume that ozone was generated for one hour in the elementary school classroom.

This will not increase the ozone concentration.

If it is a small vinyl, even if it emits ozone for only 1 minute, it will have a proper concentration, but if it is released for 1 minute in a large classroom, the ozone concentration will be almost zero.

Regarding the concentration of ozone gas, because there is no standard for measurement such as unified size and release time, ordinary ozone generator manufacturers do not indicate concentration such as ppm, but rather output.

On the contrary, if there is no explanation of how much space the ozone generator shows in ppm, and how long it releases ozone to reach its concentration, it should be confirmed. Would be

The output of the ozone generator is a guide for showing the difference in capacity.

About the property of ozone

Yes, it is also effective in controlling pests.

However, ozone has no insecticidal effect.

It can be used as a pest control measure because ozone deodorizes bait and fellow odors to prevent pests such as cockroaches from approaching.

Since ozone is not an insecticide, it cannot be killed directly, but it has a repellent effect.

Cockroaches use tactile sensation to convey information to their friends, but spraying ozone prevents them from communicating, so they will not appear.

Regular spraying of mice and termites creates an environment where it is difficult to live and makes them escape to other places.

We have heard that the Ozone Cluster 1400 was used at a shop that was actually damaged by a mouse at a bakery shop and that the mouse was gone.

As a measure against rats and pests, we recommend that you first concentrate ozone and then regularly spray ozone.

If ozone is ventilated, it will disappear, and the ozone concentration will be almost zero.

Basically, ozone itself does not remain, but ozone may react and leave a decomposed odor.

There is no harm, but it smells of ozone, so continue ventilation for a while.

Basically, there is no need to evacuate for ozone spraying.

However, be careful about leather products.

When using an ozone generator with high concentration of Ausley Clear 2 (300 mg/hr) or higher, it is recommended not to concentrate ozone for a short time.

(For example, put leather goods in a plastic bag and spray ozone throughout the day).

Ozone has the property of “returning to its original state”, and leather products may discolor when exposed to high concentrations of ozone for a long time.

I sometimes receive questions like this, but I answer that there is basically no problem.

The reason is that in the last 10 years, no problems have occurred, and even if ozone is intentionally released to damage electronic devices, if it is not exposed to high concentration ozone for a long time, physical It can be difficult to damage the target.

If you are going to use the ozone generator for general deodorization, I think that there is no problem.

From the conclusion, it doesn’t react.

Fire alarms react to smoke (dust and organic matter in the atmosphere).

Ozone, like oxygen and nitrogen, is a gas and does not react to fire alarms.

Even if there is a fire alarm, please use the ozone generator with confidence.

To measure the ozone concentration, dedicated experimental equipment is required.

However, in most cases there is no such equipment.

Actually, it is judged by ozone odor, not by the ozone concentration meter.

Ozone has a unique odor. If you feel this odor, it is a high concentration.

If you inhale it for a short time, there is no problem, but if you continue inhaling it for a long time, your throat will hurt and your head will hurt.

Regardless of whether it is a narrow place or a wide place, if there is an ozone odor, determine that the concentration is high.

Ozone Mart commercial ozone generators cannot be used in a manned environment due to their high ozone generation capacity.

Regarding the danger of ozone, no accident has ever occurred with our ozone generator.

Basically, in the case of commercial ozone generators, we do not let people emit ozone in a manned place.

Please refrain from ozone release to the environment where there is someone.

Regarding the effect of ozone on the human body, it is safe if the standard of Japan is 0.1ppm (8 hours working environment), and if it is more than that, it is dangerous to inhale for a long time.


[Precautions for safe use]

・A place where sufficient ventilation is possible (exhaust to the outside by piping is desirable if possible)

・If ozone water is generated by aeration, do not approach it when using an aerator or an ejector, because the ozone concentration at the ozone water outlet tends to be high.


However, since ozone diffuses, it does not reach dangerous concentrations immediately in the space as a whole.

Since the standard of ozone is 0.1ppm, which is a very small amount, it is easy to reduce the ozone concentration in the space by taking in air from the outside by ventilation.

With good ventilation, the concentration will not increase.

There is no excessive danger if ventilation is performed sufficiently without taking in ozone such as smelling the ozone outlet directly.

Ozone is the second most oxidative substance after fluorine, and has 4 to 6 times the oxidizing power of chlorine.

The mechanism is that harmful substances and odorous components are released by the oxidation of ozone.

Excess ozone is safe because it returns to oxygen naturally and has no residual properties.

About ozone water

If you add detergent to ozone water, the detergent will be decomposed and the cleaning effect will be lost. It is more effective to use it as it is without detergent.

Often used to remove residual pesticides such as vegetables.

In that case, if it is our product, use an ozone buster, pour water into a bowl, etc., and operate it for 2 to 3 minutes to make ozone water.

After pre-washing vegetables with soil attached, soak apples etc. in ozone water for about 1 minute one after another.

(Cut vegetables are not recommended as vitamins flow into the water and are not recommended. If soaked, a short time is better.)

The vegetables after soaking in ozone water can be used as they are without eating and drinking.

In addition to removing residual pesticides from vegetables, cooking utensils and dishes can be sterilized with ozone water.

Even in that case, washing with water after sterilization is not necessary.

In addition to this, you can wipe it off or spray it on a sofa that you can’t normally wash and use it for deodorizing.

* Although there is no concern about fading or deterioration of the material, avoid extreme use such as immersing it in genuine leather and washing it.

*For information on washing with ozone water , please refer to the ” Ozone Buster ” section.

The concentration of ozone water produced greatly affects the water quality.

For example, the concentration of distilled water hardly rises, but in the case of water with a high degree of hardness, it rapidly rises to 5 ppm.

The tap water in Japan has a certain degree of hardness, so if you use the Ozone Buster series, it will be at least 3 ppm, but there are regional differences.

If the hardness of water is low and the ozone concentration does not rise, you can increase the hardness by adding a little salt.

Regarding the amount of water, in general, if it is 5 liters or more, the concentration does not rise easily, and the limit is about 10 liters, and if it exceeds it, 2 ppm is cut off in most cases.

However, if it is Ozone Buster PRO or Ozone Buster Industry , which is the higher model of Ozone Buster series, it is possible to support large capacity.

If we can overcome the problems of hardness and water volume, I think we can achieve a concentration of 3 to 5 ppm continuously.

No problem at all.

Ozone water does not affect the human body unless it is in extremely high concentration.

Ozone water is also approved for use as a food additive and is also used for medical purposes.

I think it can be said that it is possible to sterilize the room and it is easier to spend.

If you use ozone water to remove residual pesticides from vegetables and sterilize tableware, there is no problem even if you leave your mouth on the vegetables and tableware.

In fact, some dentists use ozone water to gargling patients, and at those clinics, ozone water is put directly into the mouth.

However, our products are household appliances, not medical devices.

If you accidentally swallow it, you do not have to worry about your health, but please avoid drinking it directly.

We are not responsible for any troubles caused by drinking ozone water.

You can use it up to about 40 degrees of lukewarm water.

However, if the temperature exceeds 45°C, the half-life of generated ozone will be accelerated and the ozone will disappear immediately, so the effect of ozone cannot be expected.

The residual ozone concentration of ozone water is said to halve every 21 minutes.

For example, 5 ppm of ozone water will decrease to 2.5 ppm after 21 minutes and then to 1.25 ppm after 21 minutes.

However, this is a theoretical value only, and will change depending on conditions such as temperature and water purity.

Actually, it will not be reduced to half even after 30 minutes, but please use it as soon as possible.


When using Ausley Clear 2, it can be used for 2 liters of water and ozone water with a maximum concentration of 1 ppm can be produced in about 4 minutes.

In the case of an ozone buster , 10 liters of water can be used for about 3 minutes to produce ozone water with a maximum concentration of 5 ppm

There is no reason that ozone cannot be used depending on the material of the container. Please use ozone water with confidence.

There is an effect.

However, with regard to parvo, it seems that the only solution is to treat the dog that is the source of infection.

Separate infected and non-infected dogs and sterilize them to prevent transmission of the virus.

As with chlorine sterilization, ozone spraying is used to prevent infection, and sterilize as needed to prevent healthy dogs from becoming infected.

Better than chlorine, it has no residual ozone.

It is more effective than chlorine and is effective for sterilization because it returns to oxygen.

One thing to note is that you can’t spray ozone in the presence of dogs.

It is desirable to perform ozone sterilization intensively at that time and when not.

By doing so, it will be possible to eradicate the remaining virus.

Acne bacteria that cause acne can be eradicated.

I cannot say anything about atopy, as the cause of atopy itself is not clear.

Technically speaking, the oxidizing power of ozone water can theoretically oxidize and disinfect organic waste products.

Similarly, it is easy to eliminate house dust with ozone.

In the first place, Ozone Mart’s ozone generator is not a medical device, so please do not use it as a measure against acne and atopy.

Regarding the correlation between ozone water concentration and sterilization, about 2 ppm of ozone water can remove all Escherichia coli such as pathogenic E. coli O157, and about 3 ppm of ozone water can also remove mold and the like.

For details, please check various sterilization data with ozone water.


Table 1: Effects of ozone water on clinical isolates

Test bacteriaTest liquidResidual viable cell count (CFU/Plate)
Ozone water concentrationControlAfter 5 seconds15 seconds later30 seconds later60 seconds later90 seconds later
MRSA2mg/L6.0 x 10 588Not detectedNot detectedNot detected
O-1572mg/L6.0 x 10 5Not detectedNot detectedNot detectedNot detectedNot detected
Salmonella2mg/L6.0 x 10 5303Not detectedNot detectedNot detected
Serratia2mg/L6.0 x 10 57Not detectedNot detectedNot detectedNot detected
Pseudomonas aeruginosa2mg/L6.0 x 10 5802Not detectedNot detectedNot detected
Vibrio parahaemolyticus2mg/L6.0 x 10 5Not detectedNot detectedNot detectedNot detectedNot detected

Cited book: “Guideline for the use of ozone water in animal clinics” Veterinary Division, Japan Society for Medical Ozone


Table 2: Effect of ozone water on viruses

Virus typeOzone water concentration
[mg / L]
Microbial concentration
Contact time
Influenza virus110 5.3 EID 507twenty oneFiveNot detected
Chicken encephalomyelitis virus110 2.5 EID 507twenty oneFiveNot detected
Canine infectious hepatitis virus110 1.5 EID 507twenty oneFiveNot detected
Parvovirus110 2.5 EID 507twenty oneFiveNot detected

Cited book: “Guideline for the use of ozone water in animal clinics” Veterinary Division, Japan Society for Medical Ozone


Table 3: Decontamination effect of ozone water on microorganisms

Type of microorganismOzone concentration in water
Biological concentration
Contact time
Mortality rate
E. coli0.9610 5 sellsFive100
Staphylococcus1.0810 5 sellsFive100
Pseudomonas aeruginosa1.0110 5 sellsFive100
0.9610 5 sel lsFive100
Influenza virus0.9610 5.3 EID 50Five100
Fowl myelitis virus0.7210 2.9 EID 50Five100
Chicken coccidia1.92About 3 x 10 3  sells30100
Mold0.3-0.510 6  sells1999.9
Bacillus subtilis0.3-0.510 6  sells3099.9

Excerpt from the Ministry of Health and Welfare Preventive Health Research Institute data

About Ozone Cluster 1400

Even if you don’t do anything, the pump sucks 8 L/min from the oxygen input port, so it is okay if you adjust the oxygen amount according to the ozone concentration you want to generate.


However, be careful that the pressure of the oxygen cylinder is 10 Kpa or less.

Depending on the water temperature and quality, 2 liters of water at room temperature will give 1.0 ppm in about 4 minutes.

With 10 liters of water, it will be 1.0 ppm in about 7 minutes.

Also, when ozone water is generated, undissolved ozone is aerated into the air, so be sure to do so in an environment where there are no people.

uster 1400?

When disinfecting or deodorizing in a narrow space, use the attached tube and place the main unit in a place that does not directly inhale ozone.

The device itself may absorb ozone and be damaged.

Although it depends on the water quality, it is rare for the bubbling method using aeration stones to exceed 1 ppm.

If it is about 0.5ppm, I think that 2-3 liters of water can be turned into ozone water in 1 minute.

If you want to generate higher concentration ozone water, it is effective to use an electrolytic ozone water generator like our product Ozone Buster series.

Please leave the room when producing ozone water.

Ozone itself has a strong odor, so if ozone water is to be produced for a long period of time, use it outdoors or in a place that allows exhaust.

That said, no accident has ever occurred.

Ozone is emitted only from the discharge port.

Only the wind is exhausted from the exhaust port.

Equipped with a large fan, this is for cooling the inside of the machine and diffusing ozone.

It is designed to withstand up to about 10 Kpa.

After sterilizing with ozone, you can use the dishes and utensils as they are.

Ozone, like oxygen, is an element and is just a gas.

Since it is not a chemical, it does not remain.

No odor of ozone remains.

When sterilized and deodorized, it returns to oxygen.

Of course it is possible.

If bacteria are to be sterilized in storage areas such as foods, airborne bacteria such as Aspergillus oryzae will be the target for eradication.

As an example of disinfection in Ozone Cluster 1400, there is an example of disinfection in a refrigerator of about 6 tatami mats (about 11 m²) at a Japanese confectionery factory.

Before the introduction of Ozone Cluster 1400, this refrigerator had a bacteria number of 10 4 or more, and it became zero by spraying ozone for 30 minutes, achieving complete sterilization.

The Ozone Cluster 1400 can be used in areas of 60 to 120 m², so you can expect the same effect if you use a timer to spray it when there are no people, such as at night.

You can get the scent of garlic.

Food odors are basically organic odors, so they are decomposed and deodorized by reacting with ozone.

Not only garlic, it has already been used in food processing plants for shiitake mushrooms and fish.

Ozone cluster 1400 is often used in food related workplaces because it not only deodorizes but also disinfects.

The difference between Ozone Cluster 1400 and other companies’ products is that it does not emit ozone with an air pump, but is equipped with a large fan.

For products that emit ozone with an air pump, only odor near the ozone generator can be taken.

On the other hand, the fan system, Ozone Cluster 1400, has a completely different way of spreading ozone.

It is possible to diffuse ozone throughout the room.

Moreover, the price is also overwhelmingly low.

This is because our company, which is a manufacturer, sells mainly on the Internet, so we have succeeded in thoroughly reducing unnecessary costs.

If you can use an oxygen cylinder, the deodorizing ability can be dramatically increased, but the Ozone Cluster 1400 has sufficient deodorizing ability just by using it.

As long as there are no special circumstances, it is possible to obtain sufficient effects even when used alone.

We do not sell oxygen cylinders, so please purchase them separately if necessary.

The tube can be used when generating ozone water and when you want to remove odor intensively.

It is always necessary when generating ozone water, but it is not always necessary when removing odors.

The Ozone Cluster 1400 is equipped with a huge fan, and it has enough deodorizing power just by turning it on.

In fact, it is used in special cleaning sites, but in most cases, the use of a single unit is satisfactory and satisfactory.

If you have a strong local odor or if you want to obtain a faster effect, it is very effective to use a tube and apply it intensively.

In addition, if you take in oxygen from an oxygen cylinder (purchased separately) using the oxygen inlet, you can expect a more dramatic deodorizing effect.

For daily living odors such as food odors, light cigarette odors, and body odors, one unit can deodorize 60 to 120 m² in 1 to 2 hours.

However, the deodorizable area and time may change depending on conditions such as the strength of the odor and the height of the ceiling, so please refer as a guide only.


In addition, we will introduce the results of our experiments as an example, so please check the attachment.


Living room 12 tatami mats (20 m2)-Ozone generator installed indoors



0 minutes

0 ppm

5 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes


20 minutes


25 minutes


Half an hour



First floor open door (50 square meters)-Ozone generator is installed near the entrance]



0 minutes

0 ppm

5 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes


20 minutes


25 minutes


Half an hour



Place the Ozone Cluster 1400 in the place where you want to remove odor and release ozone for 15 to 30 minutes.

Then leave it for 30 to 180 minutes.

In the meantime, ozone reacts with the odor components and the odor disappears.

About deodorization, deodorization, sterilization


You can calculate the CT value 60 arrival time when using Ozone Mart products.

Please see here for the mechanism of this calculator .

CT value 60 arrival time calculator

Number of unitsStand
Room area
Ceiling heightm
Indoor odor (tobacco, mold, food, etc.)
*If you can clearly see the odor of tobacco, mold, food, etc., select “Strong”

Indoor humidity
*Please select “high” in the summer, in the bathroom/kitchen and its surroundings, in the refrigerator/freezer room.

Arbitrary damping coefficient
*Normally leave 0


Calculate CT60 arrival time

 Theoretical value
Correction value considering natural decomposition of ozone and environmental factors
CT60 arrival time**  minutes**  minutes
Ozone concentration when CT60 is reached**  ppm**  ppm

About the mechanism of this computer

The CT value is a numerical value that represents the contact strength between ozone in the air and substances in the air (odorous substances, molds, viruses, etc.) .

value = zone down dark degree ( × contact touch time between ( min ) CT value = ozone concentration (ppm) × Contact Time (minutes)

The larger this value, the greater the amount of contact between ozone and substances in the air, and the greater the deodorizing and sterilizing effect .


Below are three cases where the CT value is 60.

Although the ozone concentration and contact time are all different in these three cases , the CT values ​​are the same 60 , so the effect is the same in all three cases .


Table 1. Example of CT value of 60


Ozone concentration

Contact time

CT value

case 1

1.0 (ppm)60 minutes)1.0 60 60 1.0 x 60 = 60

Case 2

0.5 (ppm)120 minutes)0.5 120 60 0.5 x 120 = 60

Case 3

5.0 (ppm)12 (minutes)5.0 12 60 5.0 x 12 = 60

In the example in Table 1 above, the calculation is based on the assumption that the ozone concentration in the room is constant from start to finish.

For example, in case 1, it is assumed that the room was 1ppm from beginning to end.


However, the ozone concentration when actually deodorizing and sterilizing using an ozone generator is not constant.

Starting from a state where the ozone concentration is extremely low ( * ), ozone generated by the ozone generator gradually increases the ozone concentration over time.

* The concentration of ozone in the atmosphere is around 0.005ppm.


Therefore, in order to calculate the CT value when using an ozone generator, it is necessary to take into consideration the concentration that changes over time.

Let’s take a look at the calculation method when an ozone generator is used, taking the ozone generator Ausley Clear 3 which is used by the most customers at Ozone Mart as an example.


Floor area 20 2 ) 20 (m @ 2) , ceiling height  2.5 ) 2.5 (m)  Using the O Three clear 3 in a room at, per second in theory  0.001557 ) 0.001557 (ppm)  by ozone The concentration will increase. 

At this time, if the ozone concentration after t t seconds is  t Dt  , the change is as shown in Table 2.


Table 2. ozone concentration after t seconds
(O Three clear 3, floor area  20 2 20 m @ 2 , ceiling height  2.5 m 2.5 m )


1 ( second later ) D 1 (1 second later)

2 ( after 2 seconds ) 2 ( after 2 seconds)

3 ( after 3 seconds ) 3 ( after 3 seconds)


t ( seconds later ) t ( t seconds later)

Ozone concentration  ) (ppm)

0.001557 1 0.001557 x 1

0.001557 2 0.001557 x 2

0.001557 3 0.001557 x 3


0.001557 × t 0.001557 × t


Since the ozone concentration changes every second, the CT value also changes every second.

For example,  since the ozone concentration 1 second after starting to use Ausley Clear 3 is  1 D1 , the CT value for 1 second at that concentration is

value = 1 ⋅ 60 CT value = 1 ⋅ 160(*)

Will be.

* Since the unit of time used for CT value is (minutes), it is  necessary to multiply by 60 160 when calculating the CT value per second  .


I started using O Three clear 3 seconds after t seconds after the CT value of every second in  t CTt If you, the change will be as shown in Table 3.


Table 3.CT values ​​per second after t seconds


One second later

2 seconds later

After 3 seconds


after t seconds

t CTt (CT value per second)

1 ⋅ 60 D 1 ⋅ 160

2 ⋅ 60 D 2 ⋅ 160

3 ⋅ 60 D 3 ⋅ 160


t ⋅ 60 D t ⋅ 160


Therefore,  the cumulative CT value after t seconds and seconds after starting using Ausley Clear 3 is  the sum of the CT values ​​every 1 second, and is as follows.

Cumulative product CT value===1 + 2 + 3 + ⋯ ∑ t C k 1 60 ∑ t D k Cumulative CT value = CT1+CT2+CT3+⋯+CTt=∑k= 1tCTk=160∑k=1tDk

When this value (cumulative CT value) reaches 60,  t t  is the CT value 60 arrival time.


This example (O Three clear 3, floor area  20 2 20 m @ 2 , ceiling height  2.5 m 2.5 m ) For, seconds after t seconds after  the ozone concentration of  t Dt  is

t = 0.001557 ⋅ t Dt=0.001557 ⋅ t

Therefore (*See Table 2), the cumulative CT value will be as follows.

Cumulative product CT value==60 ∑ t D k 0.001557 60 ∑ t k Cumulative CT value = 160 ∑k=1t Dk=0.00155760 ∑k=1tk

From this, the  time t t that satisfies the following equation  becomes the CT value 60 arrival time, and this computer also calculates the arrival time by actually solving the following equation.

0.001557 60 ∑ t k 60

Deodorizing the dog trimming lab is relatively easy.
If the area is about 30 square meters to 50 square meters, if you use Ousley Clear 3 to release ozone for about 30 minutes and leave it for 1 to 2 hours, it will be almost odorless. Can be
If the original odor is strong and does not seem to be removed by itself, repeat the same operation 2-3 times. This will eliminate the persistent odor.

Please note that when releasing ozone, there should be no humans or animals.
Inhaling ozone for a long time may cause sore throat and headache.

The higher the ozone concentration, the higher the deodorant/bactericidal effect, but operation at an unnecessarily high concentration is not recommended for the following reasons.

  • Not good for the body

  • Shortening the life of ozone generators


In addition to ozone concentration, there is another point to be aware of for effective deodorization and sterilization by ozone.

It is “the time when the odorant and ozone are in contact” .

No matter how high the ozone concentration is, if the odorant and ozone do not come into contact with each other, deodorizing and sterilizing effects cannot be expected.


 Concept of deodorization and sterilization effect by ozone


Strength of effect = (Ozone concentration)  (Time of contact with odor substance)


In this way, the strength of the deodorizing/bactericidal effect of ozone is determined by the product of (ozone concentration) and (contact time).

Let’s look at a concrete example.


 Example 1

  • Ozone concentration: 2.0 (ppm)

  • Contact time: 15 (min)

Strength of effect = 30
Formula: 2.0 (ppm)  15 (min) = 30

 Example 2

  • Ozone concentration: 1.0 (ppm)

  • Contact time: 30 (min)

Strength of effect = 30
Formula: 1.0 (ppm)  30 (minutes) = 30

 Example 3

  • Ozone concentration: 10 (ppm)

  • Contact time: 1 (min)

Effect intensity = 10
Formula: 10 (ppm)  1 (min) = 10


Note that the ozone concentration in (Example 2) is half the ozone concentration in (Example 1), but the strength of the effect is the same as in (Example 1).

This is because the contact time (example 2) between ozone and the odorous substance is twice as long as that of (example 1).


Also, in (Example 3), the ozone concentration is overwhelmingly higher than in the first two, but the effect is only 1/3 of 10.

Because the contact time is extremely short.


Increasing the ozone concentration is easy.

If you execute the following, the ozone concentration will surely increase.

  • Keep it closed

  • Use an ozone generator with high production capacity

  • Prolong contact time


In the time of contact with the odor substance do you tempering to increase.


To increase contact time with odorants


Circulate room air (ozone)


By circulating the air in the room, ozone continues to fill the entire room, which increases the time in contact with odorants in the room.

Specifically, take the following method.


 Method 1
Use an ozone generator with a fan for ozone diffusion


 Method 2
Move the circulator at the same time

  • Air conditioner ventilation mode

  • Fans/circulators

Since ozone is heavier than air, it tends to accumulate in the lower part of the room.

The combined use of a circulator is very effective for increasing the contact time between ozone and indoor odorants.

In addition, with products that do not have a fan for ozone diffusion, such as the Ausley Clear series , it takes time for the generated ozone to reach the entire room.

Even when using such an ozone generator for deodorization and sterilization, a higher deodorization and sterilization effect can be expected by using the circulator together.


Ozone concentration and time recommended by Ozone Mart


Ozone Mart recommends the following operations to deodorize and disinfect.

* “Contact time with odorant” and “time to operate ozone generator” are different.

The ozone generator can be turned off when the appropriate ozone concentration is reached.

Ozone concentration
1.0 ppm

Contact time with odorant
1-3 hours

be used in combination

Ozone concentration
0.5 ppm

Contact time with odorant 3-6

Effective when used together with a circulator


Approximate ozone concentration can be calculated


You can know the approximate ozone concentration without using an ozone concentration meter.

We have prepared a calculation tool when using Ozone Mart products, so please use it as a reference for selecting the appropriate product.

Number of unitsStand
Room area2
Ceiling heightm
Ozone generation timeMinute

Calculate concentration

** minute ozone concentration theoretical value of the later  ** ppm  is

 In most cases, the actual ozone concentration will be about half of the theoretical value due to self-decomposition of ozone, reaction with odorous substances and bacteria.

Ozone is good at removing organic odors, but as long as there is a source of odor, odor return occurs from it.

In this case, there is a source of odor inside the wall, so it will take some time before ozone reaches that level and can be completely deodorized.

I think that there is no choice but to spray ozone frequently, so please continue patiently.

It should be noted that ozone has the habit that, after being sprayed in the air, it attaches to the source of odors and bacteria and causes a chemical reaction to return to oxygen.

If you keep the room closed for a long time after spraying, you can remove odors and bacteria more efficiently.

Regarding sterilization of grains such as buckwheat, it is often the case that ozone water is used before powdering and ozone gas is used after powdering.

Ozone buster , our product, is used for the sterilization before powdering .

Use an ozone buster to turn 5-10 liters of water into ozone water of 2ppm or more in 2-3 minutes.

If you use 2ppm of ozone water, basically all bacteria will be killed.

When disinfecting, just turning on the ozone buster for a few minutes makes ozone water production very easy.

Then use Ozone Care or Ozone Cluster 1400 after crushing .

Although it depends on the size of the area that requires sterilization, if there are many people coming and going, I think it would be better to use ozone care to create an environment that constantly repels airborne bacteria.

Alternatively, you can effectively eradicate bacteria by operating the Ozone Cluster 1400 at one place for about 30 minutes before the end of the work day, and spraying ozone for 30 minutes at a different place from the previous day at the end of the next day.

As an example, the above usage is common.

There is no problem with ventilation only with the air conditioner.

If you are worried about the residual odor of ozone, just open the window.

What is important is that after using ozone, do not immediately ventilate it, but allow time for the ozone to react with the odor.

Please leave the room closed for about an hour.

After that, if you ventilate with an air conditioner, ozone will be exhausted to the outside without any problem.

There is no problem with ventilation only with the air conditioner.

If you are worried about the residual odor of ozone, just open the window.

What is important is that after using ozone, do not immediately ventilate it, but allow time for the ozone to react with the odor.

Please leave the room closed for about an hour.

After that, if you ventilate with an air conditioner, ozone will be exhausted to the outside without any problem.

In conclusion, the smoke odor can be erased with ozone.

As an easy-to-understand example, for example, many hotels have introduced ozone generators, but in order to change the smoking room into a non-smoking room, we are working to eliminate the smell of cigarettes at once with ozone.

Even in a room that smells like cigarettes, the smell of cigarettes disappears in about 15 to 20 minutes.

This is because tobacco smoke can be decomposed with ozone because it comes from organic matter.

Other than that, people in special cleaning related businesses have introduced ozone generators and are using them at similar sites.

We recommend ” Ozone Cluster 1400 ” for strong smoke .

The difference with other companies’ products in the same category is that the price is suppressed to less than half because it sells mainly on the Internet, and ozone is diffused firmly because the large fan instead of the air pump releases ozone. It is these three points that it is a Japanese product that is designed and manufactured.

Ozone has the unique property of being strong against organics and weak against inorganics.

To be honest, the qualitative factors of the solvent are involved in this, so there is an effect, and if it is not there, it will be impossible to answer immediately.

I think there is no choice but to actually try it.

This depends on the quality of the odor.

Theoretically, it is possible to erase any odor of organic matter of human or animal origin.

However, actually, there are quite a lot of such consultations, and it is the current situation that we are struggling when checking with those who are practicing.

The reason for this is that the source of odor has penetrated deep into the floor and walls, and it is necessary to clean it again and again.

The stronger the odor, the longer it will take to disassemble and the more frequent cleaning will be required.

Even if you continue cleaning with ozone water every day, it can take several months if the odor is strong.

Although it can be disassembled in principle, it takes time.

Some chemical substances are difficult to decompose.

Perfumes and chemicals do not react with ozone and may leave an odor.

Many cleaners use ozone for the smell of mold in the washing tub.

If you just want to remove the odor, Ausley Clear 2 is effective.

As a deodorizing method, if possible, clean the washing tub itself once, and then use the tube of Ausley Clear 2 to release ozone to the washing tub.

Close the wash tub and allow time for the mold odor to react with ozone.

Let it sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

This will eliminate the odor.

If you want to clean the tub itself, ozone Buster using, use the ozone water.

It is effective to store water in the washing tub, make ozone water there, and clean the washing tub with ozone water.

In addition, washing with ozone water removes dirt well, and it also reduces the odor of detergent.

Regarding the removal of aging odor, this is an odor derived from organic matter, so it can be easily deodorized.

Many cleaners are used to remove aging odors in real estate and automobiles.

To use it, shut down the room, release ozone, leave it sealed for a while, and leave it.

That way, if an ordinary odor, O Three clear and ozone crew error , Ozonkea you can deodorant and the like.

For cleaning companies, hotels and inns, Ozone Maid and Ozone Cluster 1400 are used.

The oily odor is due to chemical substances, not organic substances, so it is difficult to decompose with ozone.

The odor of the oil itself needs to be deodorized by a method other than ozone.

Ozone is very effective even in the case of severe odors such as garbage, ammonia odor, and rotten odor.

If the odor is powerful, use a high power, powerful ozone generator.

Even if it has a strong odor, if you release ozone for 30 to 40 minutes, you can expect a sufficient effect.

If the odor is strong, increase the humidity by spraying a mist, wipe the place where the odor is caused with water, and then release ozone, or repeat ozone release-ventilation to obtain a strong effect.

There are many achievements for remodeling companies and special cleaning companies, so you can use it with confidence.

Ozone is decomposed quickly and does not accumulate.

However, if ozone is continuously released into a small room, that room will be filled with ozone.

Even a small amount of ozone is harmful because it increases in concentration over time.

Since that area is related to the output of the ozone generator used, how much and how much it affects

It is difficult to judge, but if you provide adequate ventilation, you can use it safely.

Complete deodorization, not temporary.

The substance causing the odor is decomposed by hitting ozone.

For example, if you put a bath agent in the bath, change the color and then add ozone, it will return to colorless and transparent.

This is because ozone oxidizes and decomposes the dye itself.

Of course, if you put odor again on the deodorized place, it will start to smell again.

The disadvantage is that if you inhale ozone for a long time, it may have a bad effect on the human body, such as a throat and a headache.

There is no problem if used correctly, so it is necessary to take care not to inhale ozone too much when using it.

Even during ozone deodorization, do not leave the deodorization target room inside to perform work.

Of course, the ozone generator of Ozone Mart has never been an accident.

There is no problem if you follow the usage and use it safely.

The advantages of deodorizing ozone are

・No need to continue purchasing deodorants

-Unlike deodorants and fragrances, it oxidizes the roots of odors and erases them.

・Can also be sterilized at the same time

・Because there is no chemical residue and it returns to oxygen, it becomes comfortable after ozone deodorization.

・Because it is a gas, it can reach hard-to-reach places

And so on.

About Australian Clear 3

Depending on the water temperature and water quality, 2 liters of water can generate ozone water up to 1 ppm in about 4 minutes and 10 liters of water in about 7 minutes.

If it is used in the room, you can put the equipment in the room and operate it without any problem.

However, it is recommended to attach the tube when using it in a narrow space such as a toilet or car.


There are two reasons.

First, since ozone uses oxygen as a raw material, it is more efficient to install Ousley Clear 3 outdoors and to send ozone through a tube into a narrow space rather than to install Ausley Clear 3 in a narrow space. is.

The second reason is that if the body inhales a high concentration of ozone, it may cause a malfunction.


For the above reasons, it is recommended to install the tube when using in a narrow space.


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