O3 Clear 3

Mr. Ishida-I feel nose and I feel odorless. I think that the effect is great.

When I was giving up thinking that the smell in the rented toilet’s stained toilet could not be removed by any cleaning, I learned about “O3 Clear 3”.

I decided to purchase it, thinking that the ozone generation amount was increased to 600 mg/hr and this price was for commercial use.

I was able to purchase it on the official website, and it gave me a sense of security that was the lowest price.

To be honest, I started using it without any doubt, but the toilet became odorless enough that I was surprised to use it once.

Depending on the person, there are different ways to feel the odor, but since I feel quite sloppy and odorless, I think that the effect is great. In addition, it is an excellent product that exerts a great effect on the musty odor of closets and storage units and the smell of tobacco in the living room, and I’m really surprised that it is versatile for any odor!

The body itself is more compact and stylish than you might imagine. Even women can easily carry it.

I think it’s so fashionable that you can’t even notice that it’s deodorizing even if there are visitors during operation.

Considering the time from ozone spraying, closing the room, and ventilation, it will take about 2 hours per location, but I think it is worth it.

Mr. A.O-I am happy that there is no need to purchase a commercially available deodorant and the cost and burden is reduced.

I was looking for a compact, space-saving, powerful deodorizer that wanted to eliminate the odor of a smoking room.

When I searched the net, O3 Clear 3 was a hit and I bought it.

Instead of purchasing consumables on a regular basis and continuing to deodorize, I was looking for something that could be used semi-permanently.

Since it is a specialty store for ozone generators, I bought the newest model in the hope that it would be good.

Since O3 Clear 3 is easy to operate, anyone can use it if they give a lecture.

It solves the unpleasant odor problem in a minimum of 15 minutes and the deodorizing effect lasts for a long time, so you can deal with it even before a sudden visitor arrives.

Since you can work with one button, it is an advantage that you can deodorize frequently even at night.

In addition, the design is so good that it does not spoil the view of the building, and the body is small and light enough to be carried by women, so you can request deodorization with O3 clear 3 regardless of the gender of the staff.

When not used, it does not take up space even if it is stored in a warehouse. Since there is no need to buy a commercially available deodorant and it seems that maintenance is not necessary for the O3 Clear 3, it is nice to have a high running cost and a low cost .

It also comes with a one-year free warranty for repairs, so you can rest assured even if you purchased it at a high price.

IM customers-The odor of unknown cause that couldn't be improved by all means could be easily deodorized with O3 Clear 3.

Since last summer, I have been worried about the unexplained stench in some rooms such as my closet and bedroom.

Although I tried various methods such as thorough cleaning and long-time air exchange, it was not improved and I decided to rely on Ausley Clear 3 which I was considering purchasing as a last resort.

Since I had no experience using ozone, I was a bit worried about purchasing it, but I was wondering about purchasing it for a while, but when I asked the support staff various questions, they answered politely, and I was dispelled by the anxiety. I chose

I’m really grateful that I could easily deodorize the odor of unknown cause that could not be improved even if I took all measures with Ausley Clear 3.

The stench that didn’t improve after so much time and effort went away so easily that it’s unlikely we can let go.

I think that it is difficult to handle if it is such a full-fledged thing, but after connecting the tube and putting it in the room, this product is only closed by closing the door and turning on the switch, so I am surprised even if I am mechanical It was so easy.

Furthermore, it’s compact size and lightweight, so I’m really happy that I can use it easily when I think of it, as well as storage space .

If you contact us with any questions after the purchase, we will tell you immediately and we are very satisfied with your support.

I haven’t used it many times, so I’d like to try various things in the future.

First of all, hoping to prevent the smell of the air conditioner, I would like to operate the air conditioner together while ozone is being generated in the room, and in the coming season, I would like to use ozone water as a countermeasure against bacteria in the humidifier.

Standard ozone generator latest model

O3 Clear 3

Rp. 9,900,000


Ozone cluster 1400

Beautiful clothing cleaner-I bought it because it was difficult to remove the smell of wool and silk.

In recent years, when deodorizers and fragrances are frequently consumed and the odor is more sensitive to them, we thought about how to get odorless, and finally arrived at Ozone Cluster 1400.

It is not easy to get rid of the smell of your clothes while running a laundry. It is relatively easy to remove the odor of clothes that can be washed with water, but it is difficult to remove the odor of wool and silk that are not suitable for washing with water. We decided to purchase it in consideration of the use of ozone in the cleaning process .


I chose Ozone Cluster 1400 without hesitation even when compared with other companies’ ozone generators.

Although it is a cleaning business, we use Ozone Cluster 1400 every day in various ways.

The first is used to improve the odor of the store environment. Since sneakers are brought into various dirty clothes and bedding in the store, ozone is sprayed for about 10 minutes after the end of work at the store to prevent such odors from being trapped inside the store .

This eliminates the unpleasant odor in the store, and the next day you can comfortably welcome the customer.

Prior to purchasing the Ozone Cluster 1400, we used fragrances, which also saved us money.

The second uses ozone water for washing. The clothes that have a body odor do not completely remove the odor, but if you soak them in ozone water and wash them, you will be able to wash them with almost no body odor .

The third is the final finish of washed shoes such as boots and sneakers. We blow ozone to completely remove the odor and deliver it to our customers .

Up to now, the deodorant spray has been used, so this has also reduced costs.

Fourthly, in order to keep the factory as a clean workplace, we spray ozone after the work .

Ozone Cluster 1400, which can be used for various purposes like this, is essential for daily operations. Since I’ve just started using it, I think I can still use it in various ways, so I’m looking forward to the future.

Mr. K.M-It is quicker than other disinfectants, has no residual drug, and is cheap and very good.

I’m in the livestock industry, and every day this industry fights viruses and bacteria.

It is very important to sterilize vehicles that go in and out of the farm, especially it is very difficult to sterilize the feet around the driver’s seat with a liquid, and we tried various methods, but those with strong effects corrode and discolor the vehicle There was nothing easy to use.

I heard from a veterinarian that ozone has a sterilizing and deodorizing effect, and while researching on the Internet, I arrived at Ozone Mart.

I know that ozone is effective against most viruses and bacteria, and it is useful for disinfecting the inside of vehicles that can not be sprayed with disinfectant and in places where it is out of reach. I thought about buying it.

When I received it and picked it up in my hand, I thought that the stainless steel was clean and well made, and it did not deteriorate even after long use and it was clean.

When I tried using Ozone Cluster 1400, I was surprised at the strength of ozone odor. I can see that a very high concentration of ozone is being generated, so I felt that the effect would be great.

Ventilate after use, and when the ozone odor disappears, it is sterilized and changes into fresh air.

I am glad that ozone water can be generated, I can easily generate ozone water up to 1 ppm, and I found that most viruses and bacteria can be sterilized at a concentration of 1 ppm in about 5 seconds, It is more effective than using it, there is no residue of chemicals, it can be done with tap water and power supply, the cost is cheap and it is very good.

The concentration of ozone water will decrease over time, but it is easy and quick to make so you don’t have to worry about making it every time you need it.

Ozone water is used to disinfect pedals where the car’s steering wheel and hands touch.

In places where it is difficult to clean with ozone water, it is very useful because you can use it by spraying high-concentration ozone using the ozone emission tube.

I was able to sterilize and deodorize every corner of the car, and because it was a simple operation, it was easy to use, reduced labor and time, and reduced costs. Thank you very much.

Emma International-It's light and easy to operate, so even women can use it easily.

We sell antique furniture and miscellaneous goods, printing materials, rings, spoons and bracelets made of pure gold and pure silver forged metal.

There is also a cafe-bar space that has been open for 23 years, where you can book parties.

Due to the structure of the store, small animals such as cats can easily get in, so you have to be careful when deodorizing and cleaning.

Many antique furniture and tools are stored, and there are many gaps and hard-to-see places.


The direct reason why I decided to use Ozone Cluster was that I was surprised at how expensive the deodorant price was when I asked a deodorant company to estimate the deodorant price when I sold the real estate in Tokyo.

I heard that it was deodorized with ozone.

When I searched online, I found Ozone Mart, and the one there was cheaper, so I applied immediately.

The response was quick and it arrived the next evening.

Since then, I’ve been using it where I’m concerned, and I’ve been able to see the effect.

First of all, it is handy, easy to use, and excellent in design.

It is light and easy to operate, and can be easily used by women.

You can fully realize the effect.


When we deodorize, there is a smell that has accumulated and accumulated for many years, so first look for a place that causes the smell.

I deodorized the same place multiple times, first deodorizing the whole room, then moving things, limiting the place where the smell stood and driving towards it.

Even though I thought it disappeared, there were some places where I still felt windy, so I used it again and again in the same place.

Deodorization was a difficult problem that could not be solved only by the upper part, but I felt that if I could deodorize in this way, I should borrow the power of civilization’s instruments.

The space after operating the ozone cluster and replacing the air is very comfortable and clean.

It was really nice to meet Ozone Cluster.

Ozone mart top model

Ozone cluster 1400

Rp. 30,000,000


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