We are still receiving joyous voices from businesses that have introduced "O3 Clear 2" .

Thanks to O3 Clear 2, the number of repeaters has increased!

Eco-style Kumamoto

Eco-style Kumamoto has an in-vehicle cleaning business department, and we work on improving the detergent, equipment, construction environment, and after-sales service by repeating trial and error to improve customer satisfaction every day.
Most of the car cleaning is related to vomiting, human urine, pet urine, and age-related odor. Among them, I got the most vomiting, and even when I thought that I was able to completely clean it by attaching and detaching chairs and parts, there was a case where I smelled somehow after a few days… It was “O3 Clear”.
Compared to other companies’ products, the price of the product is cheaper in terms of performance and price.
As the quality of car cleaning improves, the number of word-of-mouth and repeaters also increased, and one was not enough, so I bought “O3 Clear 2” this time.
Since the main unit is small and lightweight, it is convenient to carry around, and it is convenient not only for cars but also for regular use when there are unpleasant odors such as at home bathrooms and dressing rooms where bacteria are easy to open.
It also has a timer so you can prevent accidents by forgetting to turn it off.
Compared to the previous version, the amount of ozone is increasing, so the deodorizing effect is even better, and the tube is installed in a long place, so workability is also satisfactory.
Since the introduction cost has been reduced, the ozone deodorant service allows us to set a low price for our customers.
I am confidently recommending it when asked by my peers, and some companies have already made me happy.
Price, amount of ozone released, I think this is a surprising produc

Even though it's a low price, it works like an expensive model!

Carat Yokohama Co., Ltd.

The reason why I bought Ausley Clear 2 was that I visited the International Auto Aftermarket to contribute to customer service and sales.
At an exhibition booth, I had the experience of sterilizing and deodorizing with ozone. However, the equipment was a little expensive to install, and it was over 300,000 yen.
When I searched the internet to search for other ozone generators, I happened to notice Ausley Clear 2 and it was low price, and the amount of ozone generated is comparable to other expensive models of other companies. thought.
It was a low price and had many reviews, so I decided to try it and purchased it.
Our company is undertaking work in a foreign car dealer, so it is still in the testing stage without approval from the head office, but the odor disappeared from the staff of Diller, it is amazing! Is being voiced.
We will use the car air conditioner in the coming season, so we can ask a lot about air conditioner odors. I’ve been using a variety of deodorizing atomizers since before, but I haven’t found a good product. It is very difficult to smell, and I thought that if I could deodorize it to some extent, I would only have to mask it with an air freshener.
Unlike other ozone generators, Ausley Clear 2 is an epoch-making product that allows ozone to enter from outside the vehicle . A tube can be set near the intake of the air conditioner to deodorize and sterilize while rotating the air conditioner. I will.
While I was working on something other than indoors, I also liked the fact that I could do it at the same time.
In the future, we would like to promote it so that it can be introduced at each store such as a branch, depending on the results.

Almost no complaints about car rental odors!

Hello rental lease

We are a car rental company mainly for passenger cars, and we always try to lend high quality cars. We also have a large number of imported cars, and we always pay attention to car maintenance.
Until now, we have used spray type deodorants and steam type deodorants for the smell inside the car. However, it still costs money. As I was thinking about it, I found Ausley Clear 2 on your website. I compared various products of other companies on the Internet, but in the end, I felt that your product was the best in terms of power and cost performance, and purchased it.
I used to use an ozone deodorizer in the past, but since it was large and the power source was inconvenient, I eventually stopped using it. In that respect, your product is convenient to carry, and despite its compact size, it exerts a solid effect, so we are very satisfied.
Currently, I have purchased 3 of them, but they are always in full operation. Before the purchase, there were sometimes complaints about the smell of cigarettes, but now the complaints about the smell of cars have almost disappeared. Personally, when I find it difficult to remove the odor, I feel that it is effective to quickly wipe the car seats with a mist and then deodorize. Not only for cars, but also for offices, reception rooms, etc., we use it easily, regardless of location.

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